Pathway is a growing, privately-held service provider leading new product introduction for medical device and biotech innovators.

With planning, development, regulatory and manufacturing expertise, Pathway understands how challenging – yet possible – it is to succeed.

The Founders

The founders of Pathway, Dave, Jonas and Arthur, each graduated with mechanical engineering degrees from SDSU, although at different times. The trio has worked for and consulted with a variety startups and larger medical device companies throughout San Diego and worldwide—beginning in manufacturing and automation roles before moving toward broader product development responsibilities. Each team member holds multiple patents for products developed independently and for clients.

Over the years, the three routinely crossed paths on projects, making it logical to team up and leverage complementary strengths and weaknesses as well as varied backgrounds and life experiences that bring unique perspective when tackling challenging problems. As Pathway LLC, an engineering and design consulting firm, the team works to help others get their dreams off the ground, defining success as the development of products that make a positive impact in the world while improving the lives of those who use them.

David Stroup

On Point Person


Arthur Deptala

Product Development Authority


Jonas Cochran

Mechanical Engineering Guru


What makes us better?

Our three principals have jointly defined a unique company culture easily articulated in the team’s motto, “All gorilla, no pork.” Putting lean muscle to work, they have trimmed the fat from the traditional design firm experience. The result is an end-to-end development service built on tangible results and accelerated time to market.


You will receive A-team dedication to your product development, no exceptions.


We understand that time is money and money is finite so we leverage an MVP strategy and rapid-fire problem-solving to prototype, test, FDA clear, validate and manufacture your product.

End-to-End Guidance

From concept validation to the manufacturing of go-to-market product, Pathway will smooth the way.

Regulatory Confidence

Our regulatory expertise and Quality Management System have earned us FDA registration as a Contract Manufacturer of medical devices, 21 CFR Part 820 Quality System Regulation Compliant, ISO 13485 Registered, CE Mark and UL designation.


We specialize in fulfilling the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises. Our clients receive only what they need to succeed, without enduring constant upselling for services they do not need.


Our cloud-based PLM (product lifecycle management) system is fully auditable and remotely accessible for process transparency and self-service to development information.

Straight Contracting

We offer all-inclusive non-fluff contracting based on tangible results.

Custom Automation

We design and build customized fixtures for your specific product’s assembly and to automate the simulation of product operation for life-cycle and reliability testing.

No-Hassle Transfer

At each step in the Development Pathway we lay the groundwork for eventual turn-key commercial transfer of manufacturing.