Aiming for a “sure thing.”

Highly effective product development requires a balance of skilled engineering and creative design in order to optimize form and function for rapid market acceptance. We offer accelerated development of a rigorously tested, user-validated, cost-optimized product, bringing you as close as possible to a “sure thing” medical innovation.


Despite the cliché, the best laid plans tend to yield quality results.


Optimize product form and function for rapid market acceptance.


Enter the market with a high quality, audit-ready product.


Scalable, customized and comprehensive manufacturing.

creating the right process for your product:

  • We adhere to a philosophy of form-follows-function.
  • At all phases of planning, development, regulatory compliance and manufacturing, we scrutinize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the product’s design, driving improvement where possible through lean problem solving.
  • We champion the use of accelerated minimum viable product (MVP) development, providing tangible prototypes for demonstration, testing and validation.
  • Pathway offers a complete range of in-house analysis and ISO/ASTM standard testing services as well as custom designed and engineered test fixtures.
  • Pre-validated packaging solutions


  • Hazard Analysis
  • Design FMEA
  • Product requirement specification/traceability matrix
  • Mechanical, electrical, and software engineering
  • User Interface design
  • Ergonomics and human factors design
  • 1st article inspection for design
  • Stability, sterilization, biocompatibility, strength and custom testing
  • Packaging validations/label integrity
  • Patent filing of your new IP